Geert Woerlee

Geert Woerlee is founder and CEO of the FeyeCon group and holds a master's degree in physics and a PhD in applied sciences. He developed the FeyeCon group from a personal activity into an expanding company with a growing staff of 150 dedicated employees. During his academic years, he developed influential CO₂ technology which is now part of the propriety platform technology for FeyeCon and its multiple spin off companies.

Geert Woerlee is the schoolbook example of an entrepreneur. He has an impressive track record, collaborating with multinationals and individuals alike. He is not only founder and CEO of FeyeCon, but is also executive board member of its Joint Ventures DyeCoo, Clean Algae, Tispa Medical and Echo Pharmaceuticals. These spin offs are all examples of FeyeCon’s processes and products brought to the market.