With our CO₂ micro-encapsulation process, FeyeCon successfully protects valuable fat & oil ingredients without altering their functional properties (e.g. nutritional value, bio-availability) even upon further processing such as UHT or steam. Contrary to traditional methods, our mechanism results in a well-protected ingredient with an extended shelf-life. Additionally, the technology enables increased concentration for volatile oils, flavours and nutraceuticals. In order to ensure a controlled delivery at the right time and place, the micro-encapsulates are fit with a triggered release system. Examples of triggers are moisture, heat, enzyme and pH shift. The release trigger significantly upgrades product performance, allowing users to reap the benefits of the final product.

Yield:                up to 90%

Particle sizes:   from 1µm up to 200µm

Loading:           up to 50%

Coatings:          natural waxes, sugars, starches

Biodegradable: optional


To find out more about our services, please contact us at oils@feyecon.com