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The Secret Behind Natural and Effective Cosmetics

Nature provides us with beautiful ingredients for the cosmetics industry. The question is, how to utilize those ingredients in an affordable and sustainable way without compromising their efficacy? FeyeCon uses CO₂ to harvest, protect and formulate these ingredients. Ensuring they pack as much power as possible, just as nature intended. Our processes ensure a high yield, leading to significant cost-savings in addition to superior product quality. 


Harvest: Powerful Ingredients

100% Pure, Natural and Organic Extracts

CO₂ is one of the few solvents that is certified organic. We use it as a safe, non-toxic, and effective extraction medium. After extraction it evaporates completely, leaving behind pure extracts virtually identical to their natural origins. Because CO₂ technology is versatile and tunable we offer selective extraction, isolation and separation of specific compounds. Due to the extracts’ improved quality, one of the main benefits is that less of the ingredient needs to be added to the end product, to achieve the same or even better result.  


Protect: Increasing Shelf Life and Stability

High Yield Encapsulation Technology

Many natural compounds are sensitive to light, oxidation and/or heat. FeyeCon protects these valuable ingredients by transforming them into stable powders. Additionally, we use CO₂ (micro-) encapsulation technology to coat actives, preventing them from degradation. Our tailor-made coatings ensure that powders are stable in both aqueous and non-aqueous formulations. Our technology provides 100% yield, meaning no losses of valuable active ingredients during processing.


Formulate: Getting the Most Out of Your Ingredients

With CO₂ (micro-) encapsulation and micronization we do not only improve stability and shelf-life. We also expand and improve formulating options.

Smart Coatings: With the help of micro-encapsulation we prevent unwanted reactions between ingredients or mask unpleasant odors. Our custom-made coatings incorporate triggers to release ingredients. These can be based on moisture, temperature, pH, erosion, friction, or have a controlled release feature. The different triggers ensure that an ingredient does its work in the right place at the right time.

Controlling Particles: By controlling particle size and morphology we control the behavior of actives to improve their bioavailability and delivery. We increase the uptake of compounds to the skin, allowing you to decrease the percentage of actives necessary in your end product. 


Texturize: Unparalleled Versatility 

Cost-Saving Micronization Technology

Fluffy and airy or thick and luxurious. Different cosmetic products require different textures. Market research has proven that the valuation of products are directly linked to touch and feel. Not just the efficacy. FeyeCon has created unparalleled sustainable and efficient processes for supplying customized textures for your products, without compromising between exceptional texture, product efficacy or green chemistry.