• Food and Beverages


FeyeCon offers advanced solutions for food processing. Our CO2-based technologies are used to improve shelf-life, stability, quality and increase yield. In this way, FeyeCon can support you in the development of sustainable, nutritional and healthy food products with excellent taste, texture and color.    

The advantages of our mild and versatile CO₂ technology:

  • Improved functional ingredients  
  • Preserved nutrients
  • Clean labeling
  • Cost innovation 


Harvest: Nourishing Ingredients

100% Pure, Natural and Organic Extracts

CO₂ is one of the few solvents that is certified organic. We use it as a safe, non-toxic, and effective extraction medium. After extraction, it evaporates completely, leaving behind pure and nutritional extracts virtually identical to their natural origins. Because CO₂ technology is versatile and tunable, we offer selective extraction, isolation and separation of specific compounds. One of the main benefits for these extracts is that less of the ingredient needs to be added to the end-product, due to the ingredient’s improved quality, to achieve the same or even better result.


Preserve: Extending Shelf Life

Mild Treatment for Microbial Inactivation

Drying: FeyeCon offers the ability to dry food products in a gentle and energy-efficient way. At the same time, important attributes such as taste, texture, appearance and nutritional value are preserved. CO₂ drying also inactivates micro-organisms, eliminating the need for additional treatments.

Pasteurization: Fresh products are sensitive to degradation due to spoilage by micro-organisms. With our CO2 technology, we offer a mild and efficient non-thermal pasteurization technology to extend the shelf-life of fresh products. Our technology inactivates micro-organisms without affecting taste and color, and is suitable for heat and oxygen sensitive products.


Protect: Increasing Stability and Bioavailability

High Yield Encapsulation Technology

Many natural compounds are sensitive to light, oxidation and/or heat. We protect these valuable ingredients by the use of CO₂ (micro-) encapsulation technology. Our tailor-made coatings ensure that powders are stable in aqueous and/or non-aqueous formulations. Triggered and controlled release can be built in to ensure release of the ingredients at the desired time and place. FeyeCon’s encapsulation technology provides 100% yield, meaning no losses of valuable ingredients during processing.


Texturize: Getting the Most Out of Your Formulations

FeyeCon has a CO2-assisted process that enables you to add functionality to ductile materials, such as fats and oils, by means of micronization.Examples of possible applications include thickening of oil, stabilizing W/O emulsions, and encapsulation. Micronizing such ductile materials is usually cumbersome and energy intensive. To overcome these issues, FeyeCon has a CO2-assisted one-step micronization process, offering easy, sustainable and cost-efficient texturization for confectionary, bakery, dressings and creams.