• Functional Fats & Oils

FeyeCon combines widespread expertise in fat & oil ingredients with experience in clean and sustainable CO₂-based processing technologies. With CO₂ we extract, refine, modify and formulate fats & oils for a variety of products. FeyeCon offers turnkey solutions for obtaining clean, healthy and effective products, without compromising between costs, quality or sustainability.

1. Extraction of Oils & Fats: 100% Pure and Natural Extracts

CO₂ is one of the few solvents certified organic. Some conventional extraction methods require a purification step due to traces of solvents. Others use heat to extract, compromising the extract’s quality. FeyeCon’s CO2 extraction method offers the low temperature and non-toxic alternative. After extraction CO2 evaporates completely, leaving pure extracts identical to their origins. Because CO₂ technology is versatile and tunable we offer selective isolation of specific compounds, otherwise hard or impossible to obtain. Moreover, our methods are used to valorize waste, ensuring your by-products are not simply thrown away.

2. Oil Refining: Breakthrough Cold Processing

FeyeCon’s clean CO2-based processes for oil refining offer the environmentally-friendly opportunity as they operate with no chemicals, on low temperatures (c.a. <40⁰ C) and therefore prevent unwanted reactions. The resulting product boasts improved quality and increased shelf-life due to enhanced stability. To find out more about FeyeCon's oil refining processes, click here.

3.  Oil Modification

Upgrading Oils with Unique CO2 Fractionation Technology

FeyeCon is one of the few companies in the world that uses the novel CO2 fractionation technology for upgrading oils. By separating the different types of fatty acids present in the oil, we offer tailored processes for desired compounds. This is possible due to the tunability of our CO2 technology. Additionally, the process is clean and gentle, operating under low temperatures in an inert atmosphere, preventing the oxidation and formation of trans-fats. This improves the health profile and performance of the oil. CO2 fractionation allows the creation of technology solutions for the next generation cosmetic, food and nutraceutical products with superior quality.

Improved Functionality: Enzymatic Trans-Esterification

Chemical esterification is one of the major reactions used in food industry to modify the physical and functional properties of natural fats and oils. Traditionally, this process occurs at elevated temperatures (~200⁰ C) or with the presence of enzymes which make the process not very efficient. Instead, FeyeCon offers the possibility to eliminate those harmful/inefficient conditions by introducing CO2-assisted esterification. At considerably lower temperatures we use CO2 as an inexpensive, non-toxic solvent that does not leave any residues in the final product. In that way FeyeCon’s process improves the utility of edible oils for a variety of applications.

Texturizing Fats: Innovative Micronization Methods

Our CO₂ micronization technology is the environmentally-friendly method for creating three-dimensional porous particles from fats and waxes, delivering an array of textures. The powders are stable, free-flowing and easily dispersed into a final application mixture. Furthermore, formulation is simplified and energy efficient, thanks to the low temperature mixing. To find our more, click here

4. Formulating Fats & Oils: Improved Shelf-life via Encapsulation

With our CO₂ micro-encapsulation process, FeyeCon successfully protects valuable fat & oil ingredients without altering their functional properties (e.g. nutritional value, bio-availability) even upon further processing such as UHT or steam. Contrary to traditional methods, our mechanism results in a well-protected ingredient with an extended shelf-life. Additionally, the technology enables increased concentration for volatile oils, flavours and nutraceuticals. To find out more, click here 


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