FeyeCon's joint venture Echo Pharmaceuticals BV announces that initial clinical trials have proven the efficiency of its patented Alitra™ technology to enhance bioavailability. Results show that the bioavailability of CDB product, Arvisol® is increased by 30%. This is of massive importance because it reduces the costs of the medication and increases the convenience for patients.

Weesp, The Netherlands – July 2015 – In the last years, the interest grew in the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids and especially in the medical properties for different therapeutic indications of CBD. CBD has been shown to provide anti-convulsing, anti-arthritic and neuroprotective properties while not inducing any psychoactivity effect.  

Current medications using CBD request high CBD doses per patient. Echo Pharmaceuticals has patented a drug delivery technology Alitra™, to incorporate lipophilic compounds into an effective pharmaceutical dosage form. Alitra™ significantly improves absorption and distribution of compounds with low water solubility. The efficacy of Alitra™ technology to enhance bioavailability, of different lipophilic compounds, has been clinically demonstrated and implemented in Echo’s leading products Namisol® (oral tablet containing pure THC) and Arvisol® (oral tablet containing pure CBD).

The improvement of the CBD bioavailability by 30% in Echo’s Arvisol® oral tablet is of high importance because it reduces significantly the therapeutic dose of CBD. It also has a positive impact in dropping the medication cost which will directly benefit the patients.

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