After extraction, many fats & oils still possess components, e.g. gums, colors, odors and FFA, which must be removed to improve the ingredients’ functionality. Traditional refining technologies are based on usage of chemicals or high temperatures. Moreover, depending on the oil processed some genotoxic and carcinogenic compounds (e.g. GE and MCPD) can be produced. This implies the need for further purification as well as decreased potency of the final ingredient. FeyeCon’s clean CO2-based processes for oil refining offer the environmentally-friendly opportunity as they operate with no chemicals, on low temperatures (c.a. <40⁰ C) and therefore prevent unwanted reactions. The resulting product boasts improved quality and increased shelf-life due to enhanced stability. We offer process development for the following cold refining methods:

- Degumming

- Bleaching

- FFA Removal

- Deodorization

- Pesticide (Chemical) Removal

- Winterization 

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