Delivering Natural Fragrance for Perfumes and Personal Care

FeyeCon improves the shelf-life, purity and intensity of natural fragrances. To magnify the fragrance’s performance we incorporate unique triggered release features that ensure the fragrance will be delivered at the right time and place. Your fragrances will have no residual solvents, heavy metals or microbial contamination. Our processes fully preserve fragrance profile and strength.*

Highly Aromatic, Pure and Stable Fragrances

FeyeCon extracts fragrances from natural sources such as herbs, flowers and fruit. Some conventional extraction methods require a purification step due to traces of solvents. Others use heat to extract, which compromises the fragrance quality. By using our CO₂ technology, you do not have to compromise any longer. We offer a high yield of 100% pure and highly aromatic fragrances. We do not only provide a sustainable process, but also help you reduce the amount of fragrance needed in an end product. Making it possible to create more and better quality products that are natural and cost-saving. Whether it is an essential oil, perfume or fabric softener, your product will deliver unique and powerful fragrances.

Improved shelf life with tailored release

With our CO₂ process, we successfully protect precious fragrances without altering their natural profile. Contrary to conventional methods, our mechanism results in a well-encapsulated ingredient with a significantly increased shelf-life. In order to ensure a controlled fragrance delivery at the right time and place, the encapsulates are fitted with a triggered release system. The fragrances are released only upon contact with temperature, friction, moisture or erosion. This significantly upgrades product performance, allowing users to enjoy refreshing and long-lasting aromas.

*FeyeCon offers only processes for extraction or stabilization of fragrances. We do not sell the product

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