Natural extracts 

FeyeCon selectively isolates and purifies valuable components from an endless array of natural sources. Sources such as plants, algae, and flower bulbs provide us with active pharmaceutical compounds, colorants, natural flavors, fragrances, and much more. FeyeCon uses an exceptionally mild and environmental friendly way to extract and purify these components while maintaining their integrity, thereby ensuring high quality of your products. Final products do not contain residual solvents and product shelf life is considerably enhanced, as extracts are free of microbial contamination. Our processes take place at low temperatures which makes it suitable for the isolation of temperature sensitive compounds. 

Galantamine - Medicine from Flower Bulbs 

Quality and purity form the basis of our technology philosophy. We offer extraction processes that ensure the best quality, the highest purity and are ready to be used as an API in the pharmaceutical pipeline. We have the know-how to extract Galantamine-HBr out of narcissus bulbs, a natural and inexpensive resource. Galantamine-HBr is a reversible acetyl cholinesterase (ACE) inhibitor and is currently used for the treatment of mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease. Our process for Galantamine extraction meets the requirements stipulated by European, British and U.S. Pharmacopeias.

Natural Cosmetic Ingredients - Sustainable Beauty Products

Plants contain natural compounds such as anti-oxidants, pigments, fragrances, oils and polysaccharides. All of these compounds can be used to benefit the human body. We extract these ingredients, so you can develop natural cosmetic formulations, enabling the replacement of their synthetic and often environmentally unfriendly counterparts.

Anti-aging Astaxanthine - 100% Natural Cosmetics

One of these ingredients is Astaxanthine, a natural anti-oxidant that protects our skin from external stress. It prevents damage to the cell structure that causes wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentation. FeyeCon extracts this ingredient from algae, a biological resource naturally rich with the anti-oxidant. It can then be used to formulate effective cosmetic products.