Pure API’s from Nature & Reclaimed Sources

FeyeCon isolates and purifies active pharmaceutical ingredients from natural resources and industrial (waste) streams. Our processes are characterized by mild conditions, are cost-effective and produce high yields. In that way, we help you create pharmaceutical products that are innovative, pure and highly competitive on the market.

Stable Pharmaceutical Products with Improved Drug Availability

Affordable and smart medicines are our goal. FeyeCon develops processes for innovative solid drug particle formulations that open up more convenient administration routes, improving patient wellbeing and decreasing dosage. Our particle formation processes are compatible with every pharmaceutically accepted material.

Improved Shelf-life of Therapeutic Proteins & Peptides

FeyeCon improves shelf life and stability of proteins and peptides by making particle formulations loaded with fully preserved active ingredients. Particle sizes can vary from submicron to beads depending on processing conditions. The particles can be incorporated into medicines leading to higher concentrations of active ingredients and improved durability.  

Material Upgrading

FeyeCon's processes improve the quality and purity of materials used in medical devices. With our CO₂ technology we effectively remove contaminants, endotoxins, monomers, lipids, solvents and more. The process fully preserves the materials’ structure and even improves strength and appearance. The upgraded materials are not only of higher quality, but also safer and more convenient for patients.

Unique Medical Devices & Tissue Engineering Products

FeyeCon develops processes for high quality medical devices and tissue engineering materials with unique properties: increased material strength, safety and user convenience. FeyeCon helps you produce biodegradable porous implant materials like scaffolds, fibers, and foams. These can be impregnated with API’s – anti-infectives, growth factors – and can feature a triggered release ensuring a speedy and complication-free recovery.

Mild & Clean Sterilization

Sterilization using CO₂ is the mild and robust alternative for harsh chemical and radiation methods. The process ensures the highest possible level of sterilization without damaging any properties or leaving behind chemical residues. CO₂ sterilization inactivates a wide variety of toxins and can be integrated with other CO₂ assisted production steps. The shelf-life and quality of the medical products is significantly increased, leading to an improved positioning in the market.